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Site Info / Terms & Conditions

We run a basic site and don't spend buckets of cash on marketing, which allows us to provide extremely competitive pricing on a huge inventory of shooting supplies and related items. Shipping is a $9 flat rate to ship as much as you want – a single mag or 1000 rounds of ammo – it's $9. Texas residents are subject to sales tax, sorry.

All of our items ship directly from our wholesale warehouses. Although we update our inventory every couple minutes, because the inventory is shared by multiple vendors occasional inventory issues may arise. If an order cannot be filled in its entirety, the available portion of the order will be shipped and the out of stock portion will be refunded.

We do not allow orders to be shipped to addresses that are different than the billing address. If you would like to place an order and have it shipped to a different billing and shipping address please contact us – we will need to have proof of identification prior to shipping. This is an effort to cut down on fraud, which happens, and sucks bad.

We accept returns on items if they are in the factory packaging and unopened. We do not accept returns on ammunition. Returns are subject to a 5% restocking fee. Please contact us if you would like to return an item and we will provide you with a Return Authorization Number that will need to be on the return label. The customer is responsible for return shipping charges unless you were send the incorrect item, then it's on us.

Many of our items are restricted in certain states due to unreasonable local liberal regulations. Our system will not allow shipment of items to states where they are restricted. If it should occur that there is a restriction or regulation in your area prohibiting the purchase or possession of items that our system is not aware of you are accepting all liability for the purchase or possession of the items. The best way to get around such regulations would be to relocate to a free state such as Texas.